1826 Jeans, French Landscape Painter & Impressionist – Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot


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1826 Jeans, French Landscape Painter & Impressionist – Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot – Camille Corot, the landscape and the French author of the most admired Birthplace 17, 1796 middle class family Rue du Bac in Paris. Camille’s father was the owner and a hat. Unlike many artists who showed early in the arts, students at Barbizon School in France, Corot recognized his true vocation in 1815 when he began a Swiss study.

When Corot moved to a new home in 1817, Jean took the room on the third floor, which was his first study, which was carried out later. Always fun, an artist was trained in Rouen and designed as curtains. However, Camille Corot did not leave her job, but she continued working for six years. Although years of fatigue artist, cosmetics articles (especially color) art. Twenty-six years have finally decided on the career of art. Achille-Etna MICHALLON, landscape painting, Corot asked less than a year program (1821-1822), had a great impact on his paintings. With many different forms of art, Michallon Corot has led to the concept of “French Neoclassicism”. When Michallon Corot joined Teacher Jean-Victor Bertin.

In 1825, the artist made his first many trips to Italy and more than 200 drawings and 150 photographs within three years. He teaches the elements of painting “The Italian Renaissance”, such as volume, power, light and shadow, rough and fine reflection and imagination. Two of his paintings, “Go (1826)” and “Bridge Narni (1827)” are on display at the Paris Louvre. The Corot painting approach is based on the “neoclassical” and “Nordic realism” of “impressionism” technically “open”. This is followed by the retouching of all his works. Corot was not due to his unique painting technique, but because of the rebellion that is just rumors. This fact, when he was an ardent Christian, was in itself a tribute to the artist in him.

1826 Jeans

In 1827, the artist started regularly, “Narnia Vision (1827)”. The “Agar dans le desert” that occurred in 1835 in Halle influenced his critics. “The” La Pinzetta “(1835),” Macbeth and Witches (1859) “,” Wallace Collection “,” Broken Tree (1865) “,” Ville d’Avray (1867) “,” Woman Reading (1869) Biblis (1875) “” memory Mortefontaine (1864) ‘Louvre’ Wiese swamp ‘in the National Museum Serbian and’ pastoral ‘souvenirs in Italy (1873)’ Gallery ‘Glasgow art are his famous masterpieces.

In 1865, Corot has developed a unique style of painting, characterized by the fact that the precision in the background is depicted as a natural light structure that focuses on the more romantic atmosphere of the selection key. The Corot Legion of Honor received the French Government in 1846, the gold medal jury selected in the 1848 hall, the official artist of the 1867 Fair Corot handed over, died on February 22, 1875 and was buried in Père Lachaise, a good and friendly man in the list of friends owed such as Camille Pissarro, Boudin, Berthe Morisot, Stanislas Lepine Antoine Chintreuil, Francois-Louis Frenchman Charles Le Roux and Alexandre Defaux.

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